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Amazon Prime Day 2021: How Technology is Empowering Growth in the Middle Eastern E-commerce Sector

Amazon Prime Day 2021: How Technology is Empowering Growth in the Middle Eastern E-commerce Sector

By Murat Yoldas Ertugrul, MENA region VP at Emakina

We’re emerging from a period that not only forced us to change how we do things, but also forced us to change how we think about doing certain things. In some instances, it’s even made us wonder why we do things. All of this has impacted how we shop and what we buy when we shop.

Amazon Prime Day this year is going to be different. Although it originally started in 2015 as part of Amazon’s 20th anniversary celebrations – It feels like it’s been around forever. Over these past few years, Prime Day has transformed into an annual 2-day event for dedicated online shoppers – and has pivoted and evolved to meet our needs year on year. 

Consumers have different spending priorities this year, with the traditional boundaries between B2B and B2C collapsing – customers now demand convenient, seamless, and personalized experiences across every touch point. 

According to recent research of ten markets in the region, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, up to 40% of respondents are now shopping online more than they were before to the new coronavirus outbreak.

With this rapid growth, delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations is the key to successful e-commerce strategies, and we cannot talk about digital growth without mentioning the lockdown that prompted an increasing number of consumers to shop online. Most of them will continue the same buying behaviours after the pandemic is over, meaning digital engagement will become stronger and more widespread. After all, by 2025­­ the UAE’s e-commerce market is expected to reach a monumental 17 billion dollars.

Amazon have an unprecedented opportunity to own the narrative this year, further cementing the loyalty of die-hard fans, and welcoming the newbies with open arms – and to never let them go.

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