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stc Employees donate to secure 3 houses for families in need as part of “Jood Eskan” Initiative

stc Employees donate to secure 3 houses for families in need as part of “Jood Eskan” Initiative

Riyadh, May 9, 2021: stc employees contributed in securing three houses for families in need as part of the “Jood Eskan” Initiative implemented by the company within its adoption of initiatives with lasting impact on the community.  

While the total amount of donations reached 677,700 thousand Riyals, “Jood Eskan” initiative’s digital platform witnessed rapid reaction from the employees, especially through digital payment technologies represented by stc pay that  made it easy to secure the amount quickly. This embodies the company’s values of dedication, vitality and prowess. 

“Jood Eskan” for stc employees is a community-based non-profit initiative for empowering the non-profit housing sector, finding sustainable developmental housing solutions, and contributing to the improvement of the lives of families in the target community. It also studies the beneficiaries’ developmental needs and addresses them, raises awareness and provides guidance to housing and development beneficiaries, and promotes volunteerism in housing and development.

Last month, stc made a contribution of 5,702,404 riyals through the “Furijat with qitaf” campaign in cooperation with the General Directorate of Prisons. The loyalty program “qitaf” joined the campaign launched by the Ministry of the Interior last year to assist detainees in settling their debts, which contributed to the release of 36 prisoners.

The company also responded to the donations made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince to the “Ehsan” platform as part of the national campaign for charitable work by donating 10 million riyals. In addition, it supported and contributed in operating and providing a call center for “Ehsan” through a team dedicated in responding to over 900 calls per day, and sending text messages to introduce the platform and its objectives. This came as part of the company’s commitment to sustainable contributions, and of its efforts to harness its digital capabilities to empower the non-profit sector. The partnership with the platform is under the supervision of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and other official bodies.

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