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Formative AI and Distributed Cloud among 4 megatrends revealed at MIPS 2021

Formative AI and Distributed Cloud among 4 megatrends revealed at MIPS 2021

Almost 5000 participants representing end customers, technology partners, and media from across the globe attended the virtual conference

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 5, 2021, (AETOSWire): The 3 trends of 2020 – aggregation, automation, and augmentation were replaced by 4 mega trends in 2021 at the annual MIPS 2021. Formative AI, Distributed Cloud, Composite Architecture, and Digital Ethics were revealed as the 4 megatrends in the video industry by Milestone Systems, demonstrating how quickly emerging technologies are forming new trends. 

Close to 5000 participants from technology partners, end customers, and media attended the first virtual MIPS conference on March 1st and 2nd.  The virtual event brought together this rich community of video, security, and technology solution partners from EMEA, APAC, and Americas to discuss the advancing innovation and to shape the new next. 

“Shaping the New Next is an invitation to join us so we can make a positive difference together. There is a momentum in society right now that is unique to our industry. We will be looking at this opportunity from both a business, a people, and a technology perspective. Because these are the drivers for the continuous success for the industry,” said VP at Milestone in EMEA, Malou Toft, in her keynote address.

Mega Trends of 2021

Formative AI refers to a set of emerging AI-enabled technologies that can dynamically change to respond to situational variances. These technologies enable application Developers and UX designers to create solutions using AI-enabled tools.

Distributed cloud computing is the first cloud model that incorporates the physical location of cloud-delivered services as part of its definition. The next generation of cloud computing retains the advantages of cloud computing while extending the range and use cases for the cloud.

Composite Architecture enables enterprises where Integrations work seamlessly and can change shiftily as requirements change without rebuilding or reinstall the solution. A composite architecture enables an open data fabric to serve a variety of core and add-on solutions. 

One of the trends within digital ethics is Responsible AI which focuses on ensuring ethical, transparent, and accountable use of AI technologies consistent with user expectations, organizational values, and societal laws and norms. Responsible AI can guard against biased data or algorithms and ensure that automated decisions are justified and explainable.

Future Regional Plans

Milestone also revealed plans to focus on Cloud Managed video management, which will leverage Distributed Cloud and Composite Architecture and drive up an organization’s agility using XProtect, Milestone’s industry-leading video management software, to cope with the new next in the Middle East and beyond.  

Milestone predicts a successful 2021 in EMEA for multiple reasons, including the massive amount of technology at hand that has accelerated the development of innovative solutions to help businesses and societies navigate in a post-pandemic world. They see a clear mind shift in society, and a new market perception, fueling the relevance and readiness for more intelligent sensors and video technology.

For example, in the Middle East, healthcare is an industry that has significantly benefited from adapting video technology during the pandemic. With medical tourism being part of the region’s general economic drive, healthcare will continue to be an important vertical in the region and retail, leisure, and hospitality.

Smart Cities is another fast-growing area where innovative technologies can improve the quality of living, help reduce the environmental impact of urbanization and make everyday services run more smoothly. In the Middle East, these initiatives are predominantly driven by the governments, which means this could be the single largest vertical in the future. 

The MIPS event included products and programs from leading brands, including Axis Communications, Dell, Intel, and Lenel S2. MIPS 2021 concluded with the hope that this year will stand for new beginnings, unbelievable comebacks, and a world getting back in sync.

For the next four weeks, the conference is available for free in 4 different languages. 

Register here to access the free conference: MIPS Registration-page (

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