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Chery plans to Launch High-End Brand EXEED In Middle East

Chery plans to Launch High-End Brand EXEED In Middle East

Jeddah 16 Feb 2021: Chery is planning to launch its premium brand EXEED in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain within the coming 1 to 2 years, according to an automotive website report. Especially in the Bahrain market, EXEED is in negotiations with several local top distributors for brand representation to offer its clientele a unique premium experience.

EXEED, as Chery’s high-end brand, has European descent. In the historical process of Chery’s development, an international team covering design, R&D, and manufacturing was formed with many core executives of internationally renowned car companies such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover as the center. This team is exactly where EXEED, as a new brand, dares to compete with high-end brands. In this team, the representatives mainly include the top engineers from Europe, He Gete, Shi Ke, and Mr. Peter Matkin.  


Mr. ShiXK Ke has worked in BMW for 25 years and once took charge of developing M-series chassis of BMW high-performance cars. Mr. He Gete has served as the BMW MINI design director and was responsible for designing classic BMW MINI models such as Mini Countryman and Mini Coupe. 

Mr. Peter Matkin, R&D Executive Director of EXEED, is the former chief engineer of Jaguar Land Rover Group and was responsible for developing products such as Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar XJ, XK, and XF.

EXEED is developed based on the M3X platform. The M3X platform with strong derivative ability is built by Magna, Bosch, Benteler, and other world-class supplier giants, laying the foundation for EXEED’s high-end brand. On the basis of the M3X platform, EXEED was upgraded again, equipped with Chery 1.6TGDI engine and Lion intelligent cloud system, forming EXEED’s extraordinary quality. With a strong strength of research and development, EXEED has been strongly certified in the Global Market.


On September 10, 2020, EXEED won the “Breakthrough in 2020” award among many luxury car brands in the Russian market. In China, EXEED TXL got a C-NCAP five-star plus security rating, ranked No.1 among middle-sized SUVs in the 2020 C-NCAP test with a comprehensive rating score of 93.6%.

Which has surpassed Toyota RAV4 and Audi Q5L and meet E-NCAP, IIHS, FMVSS international top safety standards. The success of EXEED brand is not accidental; as early as 10 years ago, Chery, which is growing rapidly, realized that building world-class high-end brands and products is the inevitable trend of brand development of Chery and even Chinese automobile enterprises. Based on this mission and confidence, EXEED brand came into being.

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