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The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport branch in Sharjah commences the Spring semester

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport branch in Sharjah commences the Spring semester

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Academy has ensured a safe and secure environment for the students to thrive

Dubai, UAE, 4 February 2021: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport branch in Sharjah (AASTS), a leading education institution in the field of maritime education, recently kickstarted their spring semester. While maintaining all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Academy has ensured that it continues to provide high-quality education by incorporating “Hybrid Learning”, which combines online studies along with in-person classes for practical lessons. Despite the pandemic, the Academy put in all efforts to provide its students with a safe environment.

Students and staff following all COVID-19 protocol

Offering seamless education

As one of the institutions affiliated with the League of Arab States, AASTS’ vision is based on empowering the maritime sector in the region, and enabling its growth. In this regard, the academy has focused on enhancing its infrastructure and utilising its capabilities to ensure that students get access to uninterrupted classes. Their mission of nurturing a competent generation of maritime professionals will always be their primary goal.

Virtual classes

Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport emphasized: “We are pleased to welcome our students back to the Academy for the Spring semester. Delivering the best education will always be our top priority. Even though 2020 was challenging, we ensured that our students did not miss out on their academics. We embraced technology and utilized its full potential to provide an experience on par with the in-person classes and our students have responded positively to this approach. With the start of this semester, we are taking all necessary precautions and adhering to the guidelines from the government so classes can be held on campus without any restrictions or worry. We are confident that with the facilities we have provided our students, they will yield great results, gain comprehensive knowledge and achieve outstanding academic success.”   

Virtual classes

Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTS added: “What sets us apart from other maritime universities in the region is that our teaching methods are radically different. We believe in testing the capabilities of our students, so we provide them with opportunities that are challenging. Our focus is to not only create talented professionals, but to shape well-rounded individuals. Our alumni are proof of the talent that graduates from the Academy. Today, they occupy leading positions in some of the best organizations in the industry.” 

Raising awareness about COVID-19 vaccine

Social distancing during in-person classes

In the fight against COVID-19, the Academy has left no stone unturned. They have contributed significantly to the country’s agenda of mitigating the impact of the virus by raising awareness about the vaccine that seems like the most effective way to combat the virus. 

Youssef added, “We would like to appreciate the efforts of our government in making the vaccine available to all for free. This showcases the vision of our leaders and also is testimony to the capabilities of the UAE. When classes will be conducted on campus, all the necessary guidelines and social distancing norms will be followed by our students and staff. This is a collaborative effort and only if we all work together to eliminating the virus, life will get back to normalcy.” 

Students attending online lectures

Since its inception, the Academy has taken crucial steps to drive the development of the industry. The resumption of its classes for the Spring semester has reaffirmed its leading status in the maritime education field. With its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and strategic partnerships with government entities, the Academy looks forward to empowering its students with the required skill to excel in the field. Moreover, through the skilled and talented young professionals produced every year and the experienced staff, the Academy seeks to raise the bar higher and deliver excellence in the field of maritime education. 

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