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Zain KSA a strategic partner with NGO “Youth Empowerment” (Mentor Saudi)

Zain KSA a strategic partner with NGO “Youth Empowerment” (Mentor Saudi)

In aims to empower youth participation in social and development aspects

Zain KSA has announced signing a strategic partnership with “Mentor Saudi” to develop programs and initiatives that empower young Saudis, nurture their life and career skills, and encourage them to pursue innovation and creativity, to consequently enhance their participation and impact in social work and human development endeavors.

Furthermore, Zain KSA’s support includes sponsoring various youth empowerment programs and initiatives based on the company’s business sustainability and through its CSR unit.

Both Zain KSA and Mentor Saudi will promote those efforts through media channels and social media platforms, and will develop the required resources needed to implement campaigns on a weekly basis, including informative videos, leaflet handouts, and virtual seminars and meetings. Each entity will also come up with an appropriate annual plan including defined KPIs, a dedicated budget, and a timeline for executing the agreed youth empowerment programs and initiatives. Zain KSA will also host the Mentor Saudi team at its headquarters in Riyadh to work closely together in developing and following up on the said programs. 

The partnership seeks to safeguard Saudi youth from hazardous behavior such in classrooms, through adopting classroom behavior management techniques and raising awareness among students on the importance of social welfare and community service, in addition to protecting youth from drug use, and enhancing their overall health and social practices and habits.

Moreover, Mentor Saudi will shape youth related policies and develop local, regional, and global partnerships, as well as boost the joint cooperation between Zain KSA and Mentor Saudi’s vast network of stakeholders and partners in aims to mitigate hazardous behavior and promote a high quality of life in the Kingdom as per the sustainable development goals and Saudi Vision 2030.

Mentor Saudi is presided by Prince Turki bin Talal bin AbdulAziz Al Saud and led by a board of directors boasting leading specialists, advisors, and benefactors working to fulfil the society’s mission and objectives. Through this agreement, Zain KSA will obtain a representative seat within the board.

On this occasion, Zain KSA’s Vice President for Business Affairs Nada AlHarthi stated: “Zain KSA is delighted to support Mentor Saudi in achieving its goals that come in parallel with our own. We regard youth as our most valuable asset, and continue to empower and guide them to make the proper decisions that will pave their way towards becoming active and influential members of society.”

On her end, Executive Director at Mentor Saudi Thuraya Ismail said “Our vision is to empower Saudi children and youth and enable them to pursue proper decisions and healthy lives in order to create positive change and build vital life skills and capabilities.”

She added: “We are thrilled to cooperate with Zain KSA, and look forward to working side by side in launching beneficial and innovative initiatives that fulfil the aspirations and best interests of young Saudis.”

In this regard, and in a step that underscores its commitment towards humanitarian development through supporting the educational sector, Zain KSA announced donating 30 thousand mobile data subscriptions to students in the Kingdom. The campaign supports the “We are all givers,” as well as “Be part of an educational journey for someone, and donate your additional device,” campaigns, both of which were launched earlier by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in partnership with a number of government sector institutions, private and non-profit enterprises, with the aim of providing a comprehensive educational plan, overcoming obstacles to distance learning, and bridging the gap experienced by students of low-income families in the Kingdom.

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