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Iconic, smart and comfortable: The new HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is here with its Dynamic Active Noise cancellation that is set to redefine noise cancellation

Iconic, smart and comfortable: The new HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is here with its Dynamic Active Noise cancellation that is set to redefine noise cancellation

Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Company today announced the pre order phase of the much-awaited iconic, smart and comfortable HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro in Saudi Arabia. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes with an elegant design, intelligent dynamic active noise cancellation, long-lasting battery life, wired and wireless fast-charging, personalised smart features, long-lasting comfort and a wide range of cool features. They will be up for pre-order starting from today 15 October at a price of 669 SAR.

Let us talk about the great looks
Technology creates beauty while art elevates it; this is clearly visible on the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro. Simply put, these premium earphones are ingeniously designed combining art with technology to unravel its aesthetics. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro design is comfortable to wear for long and extended periods of use, without having to face the risk of falling out. In short, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro does not only produce and transfer exceptional sound; it does just that with exquisite elegance. The elegant design of these premium earphones is complimented with three colourways of Carbon Black, Ceramic White, and Silver Frost, making it a breakthrough for traditional earphones in terms of design, colour and feel. They are truly iconic, smart and Comfortable.

Zone out and adapt with Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation
Can your earphone adapt to the surrounding? Moreover, not all-external sound is noise, right? The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes with Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise cancellation feature. This technology comes in great use when you are in crowded places like malls, metros, airports, cafés etc. It does not only cancel unwanted noise in your surroundings, but it also adapts to it. Additionally, the dual microphones can quickly identify your surrounding noise and automatically switch between three noise cancellation modes – Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode and General Mode. Thanks to the new technology, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro can quickly identify the noise type and automatically switch between the three modes. Whether it is a quiet office, a noisy coffee shop, or an airplane with a roaring engine, the three noise cancellation modes can adapt to the environment for perfect audio results. In addition, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro delivers high quality calls. This is attained with the help of a three-microphone call noise cancellation system and bone voiceprint call noise cancellation technology which filters out the background noise and enhance your voice for better audio quality. The HUAWEI FreeBuds also comes with two new features; Awareness Mode and Voice Mode, which both help you, hear external sound when needed such as important broadcasts, airport announcements and conversations with people, without having to take your earphones off.

The battery to go on all day with wired and wireless HUAWEI Supercharge
With the number of meetings and calls you are going to have to take, especially on a busy day plus the extensive music playlist you have on repeat; having adequate power is necessary! With Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation enabled on the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro, the battery lasts up to 4.5 hours; without it, the battery lasts a whole 7 hours. Together with the charging case, it can last up to 18 hours of call or 30 hours of music playback. As for charging, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro supports both wired and wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge. 10 minutes wired charge provides up to 30% and wireless charging gives about 18%. A 30-minute wired charge is 55%, while 30 minutes wireless charging can charge up to 32%. Additionally, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro can use your smartphone or tablet to reverse charge the case .

Two phones but just a pair of earphones? Not a problem!
Don’t you wish if you could use the same earphones with dual devices at the same time without having to switch between them manually? The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro supports dual connection with Huawei all-scenario devices; smartphone, tablet, PC, smartwatch and smart TV, in addition to Android, IOS and Windows smart systems. If you are watching a movie on your laptop and you get a call on your phone, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro will seamlessly switch between the two on your behalf.

Smart and personalized controls
The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro comes with a free, minimalist, and smart interactive experience. You can effortlessly enable active noise cancellation, adjust the volume, answer calls, press play, and switch songs right from the earphone stems, with a simple pinch or swipe.

Lastly, if your phone is in your bag or pocket, or in a place with strong interference such as an airport, HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro smart dual-antenna can ensure 360° omnidirectional coverage for stable connection, and no lag in calls.

Pricing and availability
The flagship and premium HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is available now for pre order in Saudi Arabia for a price of 669 SAR with a valuable gift includes HUAWEI Smart Scale and cover case. You can order it at Huawei Flagship store in Riyadh Park, Huawei E-shop, and several authorized retailers.

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About HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (CBG)
HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (CBG) is one of HUAWEI’s three business groups, providing a range of products including smartphones, tablets, and mobile broadband devices. HUAWEI’s products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world’s population.
Year on year growth was reflected in HUAWEI’s rise as a globally recognized premium brand. In 2019, Huawei was ranked 47out of 100 in BrandZ international company and No. 12 in the Brand Finance Global 500 Most Valuable Brands.
As a leading technology company, HUAWEI invests more than 10% of its annual sales revenue to research and development efforts and has established 14 research centers around the world. Among these facilities is the HUAWEI Aesthetics Research Center in Paris. HUAWEI’s newest R&D center is the Max Berek Innovation Lab in Wetzler, Germany, where HUAWEI and Leica are jointly researching technologies to improve mobile device camera and image quality. Huawei also established more than 10 laboratories in China, Europe and other locations and operates through these sites with more than 600 partners.

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