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Today, Dynabook Europe GmbH announces the launch of the Satellite Pro C50, a budget-conscious business laptop that has been carefully engineered to provide users with all the tools needed for a productive working day. Equipped with a variety of performance, connectivity and security-enhancing features in an attractive and slimline package, the new device offers excellent value as the lowest priced laptop in the dynabook range.


The Satellite Pro C50 has been designed to suit any IT budget yet doesn’t compromise on offering the most important technology for everyday business use. Powerful Intel® Core™ processors, 8GB fast DDR4 RAM memory, and SSD storage options mean the device can easily perform even the most demanding tasks carried out by the modern worker or student.


Designed to look the part

With a sleek dark blue exterior, the C50 is professional and contemporary-looking. All its features have been developed to suit all types of modern workstyles – in the office, at home or on the move. It’s easy to carry, weighing just 1.76kg* and with a 19.7mm compact form factor, which is much slimmer than comparable laptops on the market. Featuring a slim bezel on its non-glare 15.6” LCD FHD screen, the device offers users a crisp and clear visual experience, while its ergonomic keyboard with numeric keypad enables quick calculations and comfortable typing all day long. For added user experience and improved productivity, the C50 is equipped with a large ClickPad – the largest in the dynabook portfolio. In addition, a 12.5-hour battery life¹ makes the device the perfect companion for work on the move.


“The C50 has been engineered to be armed with everything a user needs to get the job done. It’s our lowest priced device yet and reflects our mission to ensure all businesses, no matter their IT budget, can enjoy reliable and versatile technology,” said Damian Jaume, President, Dynabook Europe GmbH. “We know that price and functionality remain key factors for a business device and the Satellite Pro C50 delivers on both fronts in abundance. However, these criteria alone are not sufficient in today’s business world. Aesthetics and design are becoming increasingly important for employee engagement and retention, and users want a professional-looking device that they can rely on wherever they may be logging on.”


Connected at its core

The device also offers hassle-free connectivity and collaboration via an array of peripherals and wireless options at home or in the office. A USB Type-C port provides charge, connect and display functions via one port, while a full-size HDMI, 2 x USB Type-A 3.0 and MicroSD card reader enable further display and accessory connectivity. What’s more, WiFi 802.11 AC and Bluetooth 4.2 provide fast connection and download speeds, while a Gigabit-LAN port offers rapid access to network resources back in the office. When it comes to staying in touch with customers and colleagues in different locations, the C50 is ready for action. An HD webcam, stereo speakers and in-built Cortana-enabled microphone provide rich sound and crisp visuals for high quality video calls.


Secure by nature

Security remains a key concern for any organisation in any industry. The C50 provides all the essential data and device protection tools to keep employee and business data safe. The device’s firmware-based Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 means sensitive information is encrypted on the device to remove the risk of tampering, while user and admin password capabilities impedes unsolicited access. In addition, an optional Kensington lock slot helps prevents physical theft.


The Satellite Pro C50 will be available during CYQ4 2020 in the Middle East. For more information about the dynabook range please visit:


* depending on the model

¹ measured with Mobile Mark™ 2014. Mobile Mark is a trademark of Business Applications Performance Corporation

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